SCRIP . . . Substitute Cash Rewards Individual Parishes

SCRIP Mission Statement:  The Mission of our SCRIP Program is to provide for the Children of Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick Parishes, both physically and spiritually, in their Religious Education.

What is SCRIP?  SCRIP is a prepaid gift card that you can use for your regular shopping at participating merchants.  SCRIP is simply exchanging cash for store gift cards.  When you purchase a $50 SCRIP card, you will be able to purchase $50 in merchandise from the participating store.  The participating merchants return to the parish, any where from 2% - 20% of the value of your SCRIP card, and it costs you NOTHING.  The only effort you must do is to purchase the SCRIP card!  All the proceeds from SCRIP card purchases go directly to the Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick Religious Education programs.

Where can I buy SCRIP cards?  SCRIP cards are available for purchase at the Parish Office and after most Masses at both Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick Churches.  You can also order SCRIP cards through the Parish Office.  Order forms and a list of participating merchants are available at the back of both churches, as well as through the link on this site.  Participating merchants number over 600 nation-wide and local stores.

If you have any questions regarding SCRIP, or would like to help with the SCRIP card program, please contact the Parish Office (815-589-3542).


For a complete list of retailers please go to