Funeral Luncheons

The Funeral Luncheon Committee is made up of parish volunteers who come together to prepare a meal for the family and friends of the deceased, to be celebrated after the Funeral Mass, Service, and/or Internment.  When a funeral is scheduled, someone from the Funeral Luncheon Committee will contact those on the list who are willing to donate food or work the funeral luncheon.  

If you are a family member of a deceased loved one and would like to have a funeral luncheon at either Immaculate Conception Parish Hall or St. Patrick Parish Hall, please let the Funeral Director or the Parish Office know of your intentions.  

If you would like to donate food, or help work at the funeral luncheons for either Immaculate Conception or St. Patrick, please call the Parish Office (815-589-3542) to be added to the Funeral Luncheon Committee lists.