Immaculate Conception Project List







1. Repairing exterior framing around 28 stain glass windows .... Current Project

2. Hand Railings on altar (Mary & Joseph Side) .... Current Project

3. Office Lights Replaced with LEDs .... Current Project

4. Repair Main Hall Door - Rust ... Future Project

5. Replace Water Valve in the RE Closet - Leaking when use outside faucet ... Future Project

6. Church & Office Sign Repairs ... Future Project

7. Red Church Doors - Wooden Doors underneath are rotten needs to be replaced ... Future Project

8. Replace of the Rectory Front Door ... Future Project

9. Replace / Repair Hall Dividers ... Future Project

10. Repair Rectory Bathroom .... Future Project


Anyone wanting to donate to any of these projects,

please send donations to the Parish Office.

GOOD NEWS: IC has permission to keep using the building fund envelopes until June 2021.